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Build Secure WebSites

Our customizable, block-based build system makes creating / updating your website fast and easy!

Responsive design

Featuring carefully crafted, mobile-first components, your Website will function beautifully on any device!

Cloud Applications

Modernize your practice with our suite of secure Cloud applications to save time and grow your practice!

Built for Healthcare Practices

Fast, Secure and Easy to use web apps for Healthcare practices.

Smart Automations

Learn more about how our products can save you time and effort!


High Performance

Build easy to use high performance Websites.

Enhanced Security

Secure access using SSL and secure contact forms.

Photo Gallery

Responsive designs that adapt to any device or screen size.

SEO Ready

Built in SEO for higher ranking on Search Engines.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting with custom domains and custom email-ids.

Monitoring & Support

Continuous monitoring and 24x7 email support.


What is CuroWebs?

CuroWebs is a Cloud based intelligent platform for Building and Hosting Websites and Web applications specifically designed for Healthcare practices.

How CuroWebs works?

CuroWebs platform is designed to make it simple and easy for you to build and host your website using smart automations in the background.

Why CuroWebs?

CuroWebs provides a complete web hosting solution with built-in SSL and secure contact forms and secure email saving both time and effort.

Is CuroWebs free?

CuroWebs platform is free to try for 14 days with no credit card required. However, CuroWebs requires a subscription for the Services to go live.

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